The Homeless Coalition of Dallas currently distributes food to poverty stricken areas around the Dallas, Texas area. We mainly cater to South Dallas, South Oak Cliff, and the Carrollton area.

  • We distribute food at least four days a week.
  • We are currently requesting all types of winter donations
  • We are accepting items such as coats, gloves, and blankets.
  • We are in the process of partnering with up various Shelters, so that we may have a place to refer to the Homeless to get them off the street.



Our program is designed to feed the Homeless and Hungry. We try to give a “HandUp” to those that want to “Get Up”. Our program does not cater to any particular race or gender. We live by the standards that every one deserve to eat.There are those who just need “A HandUp” to help them “GetUp”. Some people need help making the transition from nothing to eat and  no where to live, to something to eat regularly and some where to live.  Re-entering into Society is often very difficult and people tend to need a helping hand and that is what the Homeless Coalition of Dallas does, we offer a “HAND Up.” We solicit, accept, and distribute donations.



In the Dallas area alone, About 80,000 families – typically a single woman with young children – are homeless on any given night, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Experts say the numbers are probably much higher than the current estimates because homeless families are less noticeable than what people usually see on their streets. Keeping this in mind, our program is designed to meet the need of the Homeless by providing, food, shelter, clothing and toiletries; all the basic needs that are not currently being met.



As an onsite feeding organization our philosophy is that everyone deserves to eat and to eat on a regular basis, regardless of income, no income, race, ethnicity, physical or mental limitation, religion or age. We feel that the “Homeless is entitled to dignity,  independence and respect.

As an onsite feeding organization our Goals and Mission co exists, that is, to make a difference in hunger. We are committed to making a difference, to daily distribution of food t the hungry.

Our  Mission is to make a difference and to  work with our co-workers, law makers, clients, service providers and other organizations to make this happen. Our goals are to enable individuals and families to eat as often as possible and to help them achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and for their families.